Walking in High-heels

A pair of high-heels is not a dangerous thing. The way how we walk with them is. Nowadays, women tend not to walk with them because of the bad rumor. I hope you don’t give up your high-heels.

 Learn first, before you judge, if you are a woman, high-heels is an essential item.
As we walk in high-heels, we have to be conscious about three points. These are abdominal muscles, knees and the ball of the big toes. For the abdominal muscles, we must pull them whenever we walk with.
If you need to improve your physical strength, I would recommend you to try walking in high-heels. Most people think that we only use our leg muscles when we walk with high-heels. But that is just a misconception, we don’t only use our leg muscles.They are just one of the may muscles we have to use. As a matter of fact, we use every one of our muscles, from head to toe. Walking in high-heels has a simple logic. High-heels walking is like a sports. You shouldn’t do it without any preparation and training.

High-heels lesson

A good posture us essential for a proper high-heels walk.
If you can’t walk correctly, it only means that you don’t have good posture.

Without it, you have a risk of damaging your body.

I have met many clients who have the same problem with their body such as backache, hallux valgus, pelvis dislocation, malformed legs.

High-heels Walk

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