Private Lesson

One lesson is divided into three parts. It starts with stretching followed by  a set of   pre-high heels walking  exercise and the actual  high-heels walk. Distortion-free body and Proper posture are also essential to walk beautifully.  Moreover,  ” Elegance” is not created  by  merely walking.  Having a good posture, knowing how to walk properly and  expressing one’s beauty  are also requisite.

Lesson à la carte :

1 lesson        500€ <150min>

3 lessons   1400€

5 lessons   2300€

Monthly Lesson :

4 lessons per month : 650€ <120min>

※5 lessons must be taken  prior to this plan

Lesson on skype:

High-heels preparation 150€ <60min>
(stretching and exercise )

※Regular skype lesson will take 45 minutes but this preparation,
stretching and barefoot exercise will require 60 minutes.

1 lesson 100€ <45min>

4 lessons 320€

6 lessons 420€

8 lessons 480€