I started working as a model when I was 17 years old and participated in fashion shows  not only in Japan but across the globe.

Since 2011, I moved to Paris and have been working as a High-heels Coach.

Asami wearing sunglasses on the top of the head

I  dedicated my time and attention on the development of my philosphy on high-heels and beauty. Many aesthetic conscious women not only from France but from 13 other countries came to Paris to appreciate my rich  experience. I observed and heard different problems encountered  by women. Therefore, I also felt the need to expand my horizon.

“My life,  I have devoted my life to high-heels
My wish for every woman is for them to walk confidently,
beautifully and most of all elegantly in high-heels
High-heels shower me with many blessings,
I  can be the woman I wanted to be…”

Who am I ?

ASAMI-PARIS  President, High-heels Coach, Artist, Writer Mother and Woman

What I love…

My family, Paris, Monaco, red wine,cruise vacation, sleep,  beauty, my work and of course, high-heels