Never break up with your high-heels

chic woman wearing high-heels on a terrasse

Time flies so fast! I gave birth my second baby on 31 August. After giving birth, six days later, I return my work as a high-heels coach. I never part with my pair of high-heels even during pregnant nor taking care my baby.


I think that you will be surprised to hear that I went to the hospital wearing high-heels even though I already started labor. I was wearing Christian Louboutin 12cm. After giving birth, I stayed in my hospital room with them. I was little famous by many nurses and doctors.


Because they couldn’t understand why I wore high-heels. They told me that they never seen a woman who gives birth while wearing high-heels. Actually, I never felt tired and exhausted. It was important to being a woman in spite of having children.


I gained 15kg during my pregnancy. But I shed weight after a week. I returned my pre-pregnancy weight and I am sure this miracle is one of the great benefits. I could prove that women need a pair of high-heels during pregnancy.


I can say that we need a pair of high-heels every time, pre-pregnancy, during pregnancy and post pregnancy. I did it at my age. I am 40years old now. Many women have so much trouble losing weight.


In general, it is so difficult to return their style and weight after giving birth. Taking care of baby is not easy,its tough, but we shouldn’t forget to being a woman. I never give up my goal, my elegance and sexiness, even though I don”t have so much time for myself. I spend more time for my baby.


I will never excuse myself of having a baby, I never say, I am always taking care of my baby but I need to take care of myself, too. If I wear flat shoes, I can never be as a woman. If you are single or married, a mother or not, whichever stage of life you are now, you must not part with your high-heels.


It will help your blossom your beauty.

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