Messages from the High-heels

Pink Louboutin's high-heels wit a Vogue magazin

As for me, a pair of high-heels is not just shoes but as my health barometer. When I wear my high-heels every morning, I can recognize my health or not. How can I measure my health? I can feel my swollen feet. If you have shorter sleep, you would feel tight high-heels.

There is a relationship between sleep and feet. If we have a good long sleep, we don’t have swollen feet in the morning. Many women have a good sleep to care their skin but to walk properly in high-heels need to get a long night sleep as well.

The second signal is that our menstruation. Our high-heels would track our period. Our body condition is related to our female hormone. You have experience when you feel tired or heavy during your period, but you feel your swollen feet even several days before the first day of your menstruation. If we catch this signal before, we can prepare our red days and mind set.

Last week, the temperature had gone up like a summer in Paris. I feel good but my feet were markedly swell. I felt tight in my high-heels. This phenomenon is also one of the signal of high-heels. It is true that most of my clients got bigger their size of high-heels in summer season.

It means that our body and feet condition are effect by the temperature. Our body is more sensitive than we think. If we live with flat shoes, we can’t recognize our health condition without any doctor’s diagnosis. A pair of high-heels tells us the message like our home doctor.

Even though, I am pregnant now, I always walk with my Christian Louboutin. I can listen to my shoes from my body so it’s easy to keep my good condition. Remember that your high-heels always deliver the message from your body. A pair of high-heels is your home doctor.

High-heels would entrust our body.

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