If you want to walk in high-heels

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I have been working as a high-heels coach since 2011. Many women have started taking my lessons not only from France but from other 13 countries who came to Paris. And also I started training women to become high-heels coach since 2017.

Now, I already have training 20 women who wanted to be a high-heels coach and they studied my theories, method and expertise. After finish learning my course for 7 months, they launched their high-heels lesson with their clients now.

Many women can’t walk with high-heels properly. They misconceived their walking in high-heels. The most common mistake about walking in high-heels is just like a flat shoes. If you walk in high-heels just like a flat shoes, you will definitely land your heel first on the ground.

You tend to bend your knee as you land your foot, and you cannot put your weight on the ball of the big toe. It is very important to mindful or awake the bottom of the big toe (ball of big toe) like other sports.

If you cannot succeed to put your weight on the ball of the big toe, you cannot control the care muscles of our body, as a result, you might damage your back and other hassle. Besides, you will add to the outer muscles of legs than developing only outer muscles.

During my course of being a high-heels coach, I give my knowledge with human anatomy especially using walking in high-heels, and the function of our body. They can understand deeply how we can use control our each muscle. After learning about my knowledge, they are able to walk perfectly.

I am sure that many women want to walk with high-heels without struggle. I insist that it is impossible. You have to find great coach for high-heels with the right theories. Every field exist theory, if it is right. If you want to walk in high-heels, you have to find great teacher. That is a good solution.

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