Beautiful sightseeing picture of Monaco

I visited Monaco for the first time for 11 years. After seeing the Monaco, I fell in love Monaco like Paris now. Fortunately, Monaco is not so far from Paris. I boarded an airplane in Nice for 1 hour and 25 minutes. After that, I took a taxi for 30 minutes to see Monaco. I enjoyed just one night. Fortunately,I will go back there next month.

After spending a short vacation, I provided three lessons with my client who came from Africa. She wanted to develop her charismatic and elegance because she works for the Foreign Service examination. She realized that it is essential to wear high-heels elegantly while working.

The first day, she couldn’t walk in high-heels without touching the wall to support her balance. After barefoot exercise, I focused her knees to strengthen by using special exercises, flaming pose.This exercise is a perfect that can train our knee muscles by using high-heels.

We can understand how we can push our knee backward. Also, we can feel our connection between pushing our knee and gluteus. After second day, she had better balancing while walking in high-heels. She tried another exercise ” How to walk in high-heels elegantly”.

This exercise is our key for our knees. Many women don’t have elegant because of their knees. If you have a space between knees, your elegance will be lose. On the final day, we trained our pushing the knee with rhythm and establishing axis for walking in high-heels.

Walking in high-heels is no end to the road. After taking just three lessons, she has changed and more confident, thanks to a pair of high-heels. The power of high-heels. If you can’t walk in high-heels, you can’t show your elegance.

As I always say, walking in high-heels is very important. After taking our lesson, she went back to Africa and started working confidently. We can have elegant in we know about technique of high-heels and exercise.

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