Not enough to walking in high-heels

terrasse side with ocean view in the holidays mallorca

I had a great summer vacation from the beginning of this month. I had spent excellent time in the ship 7days. It was my 5th time Mediterranean cruise, I adore it so much. I updated some photos of my vacation on my instagram.

Usually, I exercise by walking in high-heels even though I enjoy my vacation. Although, I was so tired before leaving the cruise. So I never exercised barefooted then. I came home after vacation, I was so surprised. I realized that I put weight on my heel when I walked in high-heels.


If we walk in high-heels with properly and elegantly, we should put our weight on the ball of our big toe. This is the must technique. I walked in high-heels in the ship for 7days. I stayed in the pool even I wore my 15cm platform. I went to the restaurant with my breakfast,lunch dinner, still wore 12cm or 13cm with stiletto.


Of course, I wore the same stiletto when I stayed in the room. It is not enough to just walking in high-heels. I knew that exercise barefooted is really important. Finally, I recovered my body and control using my inner muscles after one week. As I tell you always, walking in high-heels is a sport.


Every sport is necessary to prepare our body before the actual exercise. Our body might have damage if we don’t have preparation. I would advise you that we ought to exercise barefooted and stretch every morning. Our body condition is always different as we wake up. We have to awake our sensibility.


In my high-heels lesson, I devote to stretch and some barefoot exercises before wearing in high-heels. It is indispensable. If you always or rarely walk in high-heels, don’t forget to prepare before walking in high-heels.

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