Invest in the first step

Sphere made of sereal color of roses

One Sunday evening, eager to regenerate myself with sublime energy, I went to a piano recital. I wanted to see nobody but the artist, so I chose an unoccupied place of the front row. I could feel the energy and the breath directly emanating from the body of the musician in front of me.

The conditions were ideal since the concert was held in a small church. She played a work that gives me chills every time, Chopin’s Etude 10, No12. This composition requires the performer’s endurance and dexterity and I think it’s unimaginable.

After her performance, the Russian pianist whom I went to listen seemed to have given all she had : she had engaged all her soul in this moment, put into play her own existence. If you experience such a spectacle at a distance close enough to feel the breathing of the musician, it is impossible not to be impressed.

When she performed Tchaikovsky’s “Four Seasons”, after she finished one of the seasons, applause suddenly came from the audience. But since, for the performer, the end of one season does not mean that the work is completed, she apparently wanted to continue without interruption and did not get up, just presenting a smiling face to thank the audience.

Then, when she reached the end of the next season, the pianist not wanting to be pulled out of her universe, she controlled the audience’s applause by putting her presence between the two pieces. At this moment, in this pianist just in front of me, I saw a perfect example of the importance of the “interval” that I always try to make my client understand when I do coaching.

Of course, there was no one to send applause among each of the four seasons, and everyone was attracted to the world of”interval” that she expresses. And when all the four seasons ended, a big applause was sent. Neither the philosophy of high-heels nor the philosophy of the voice can be founded without a technique that uses what I call the “interval”.

In the same way, it is inconceivable to think of a philosophy of elegance without knowing the law and the technique of this interval. But there is another element that I felt as intersecting my philosophy of high-heels,the intensity of the first sound played, the one that starts the performance, was so full of the soul of the pianist that I was stunned.

In the same way, the last sound of a piece was played on the keyboard of the piano with all the soul of the artist, assuring it its status of ultimate resonance. Similarly in “the philosophy of high-heels”, it is very important to put your feet gently on the ground with all your heart into the first step to begin walking.

And, when you lift your back leg from the ground, you do not release it vaguely, but putting your heart in ming at the moment will eventually create an elegant atmosphere. For this reason, when placing or releasing a foot, it is necessary to skillfully maneuver not only the foot but also every muscles.

To live is an art, to walk is also an art. It is the law of the universe that you can only resonate with the sublime energy if you live with such consciousness. This is one thing that is common to call of music, art and beauty. But it is not only for special people.

All of us, who are living now, have that right. Without expressing it, how can we live without regret and how can we complete our own life? When giving up something, it is only after trying a challenge and making an effort. You should not give up before you stand on the start line.

There is no waste of time in our life, because our life is approaching every second of its end. My spirt of work is to give myself body and soul for the clients who stand in front of me. This in itself is not remarkable. Simply, for this work that I love, I am ready to erase myself, to consume myself, and my soul can not be satisfied otherwise or find true beauty in another way.

Luckily, it looks like I have enough energy to never get to that point, but maybe I owe it a bit because of the wine I love so much. To invest oneself frankly in the first step is to prepare the second, then the third, which makes up the whole life.

This first step, it must be done “now” and not to be waited until tomorrow. Remember, when you take your first step, it will be a small step to make a big change in your life.

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