Beauty, it’s a calculation

If some people are reluctant to the idea of this phrase, they probably have a negative image in their deeper part called the subconscious, when we talk about the “beauty” or “being beautiful “. It is similar to “laws of wealth”. In recent times, people have been trying to demonstrate what would be such laws based on their experiences, trying to correct our ways of thinking and the education we have received about them and shaping our subconscious.

Thanks to that, many of us study the knowledge and laws related to money in order to get rid of our preconceived ideas. As a result, these people who succeed in adopting more realistic ways of thinking and putting those ideas into action live their lives happily and abundantly.

On the other hand, if we understand money only superficially, life doesn’t change if we have negative thoughts against money in the deeper part. All of this is reflected in the philosophy of beauty. As I have mentioned many times in the past, an elegant and beautiful woman who takes away people’s eyes or radiate an aura does not do so naturally, without doing anything.

This is the power of control, which I would like to talk about here as a “calculation”. The other morning, I had a little time available before a lesson. So I decided to film myself during my barefoot exercises to check the position of my body and my movements.

Then suddenly, I had an urge to have fun with one of my clothes. So I decided to put on my Givenchy’s red coat to film my figure and I updated it to the Instagram. I would like to take this video as an example to explain what I mean by “beauty is a calculation”.

First of all , before taking the first step to move forward, it is necessary to mark a certain “interval”. This “interval” is actually a little longer, but because of the limitations of Instagram, I had to cut a part of the beginning of the video in order to post it.

If you start a movement without an “interval”, you will appear to a third person as a pressed woman whose aura and elegance have been absent, even before taking a few steps. As I have already talked about it several times on this blog, I also pay attention to control what happens between two movements.

If I refer to this film, the gestures when I touch the coat with my hands and move them slightly up and down, or when I put my hands on the hips, I accomplish all these gestures with full awareness. Look at the moment I turn around in front of the camera.

At that moment, I have already grabbed the hem of the coat in one hand, calculating how the air enters into the coat in order to make it beautiful. During this movement, I have to care not to turn around too quickly or too slowly, because the amount of air must be the best to give this beautiful flare. Then, I walk raising both sides of the coat like an unfolded fan.

At that moment, I try to give another expression to the line of my coat, so that it appears fully like a true work of art. There is also a calculated secret here. An excessive opening would not look elegant, and an opening too low would ruin the beautiful  line of this coat.

This is the result of exercises repeated many times when I walked on the catwalks. They gave me this ability to grasp how far to carry the movement so that the line of a garment is perfect. It’s not easy work because it is impossible to check myself from behind, but through exercises, this perception is rooted in my body and my sensitivity. After this, I turn around at further point of the camera with quicker speed, to give lightness and dynamic feeling.

Depending on whether the coat is animated by a light and airy walking or by the wind blowing under the coat, it creates very different impressions. Thanks to the different angles and movements that it offers, the woman who wears it can make the imagination work for those who are looking at you, attracting the expression of wonderful depths and beauty of clothes from different angles.

However, if I just let my coat stream with the turning momentum, the elegance of this coat would be ruined.
So I must always be careful to control the movements by stopping voluntarily at the end. In the initial video, the sequence continued until I removed the coat, but I could not download it in full length as I mentioned before.

Someone watching this video without knowing what I’m thinking about, ignoring what I would like to express as part of my clothes, would probably only see a woman walking like a model.But in this simple appearance, there are methodical calculations which control the every movement.

This is the original form of my philosophy of high heels: a beautiful step in high heels conceals actually close calculations. However, there are two things I regret in this video, because I did not have enough time available. The first thing is, I noticed that my steps followed a line too straight.

Expressing beauty is like creating a work of art: giving birth to perfection is a difficult thing. As soon as the concentration is not perfect, the way you advance your feet no longer enters the field of attention. It is in this kind of moment that I realize that a perfect art work or music are real miracles, even if we master perfectly the fundamentals.

This is why, when people come into contact with a sublime artistic or musical work, we are touched by the heart and soul. Secondly, I always listen to “Radio classique“ program in my salon as a background music, but when I filmed this video, it was unfortunately the news  time.

I didn’t have enough time to wait until the end of the news time, it was disappointing that there was no sense of beauty without a sublime classical music. After I enjoyed with my coat, I felt deeply again how much I love my job. Working as a model does not just mean “being beautiful” simply.

The real task of a model is to present a product at its best. And to express your many potentialities, you must perfect your body and your techniques. Whether clothes are expensive or cheap doesn’t matter. In any case, the primary task of a model is to derive the beauty of clothes beyond their value.

In my life, this attitude is reflected in order to draw the beauty of all that constitutes it: my clients, the different people with whom I am in relation, the things that surround me, the space, and above all myself. It brings me a force that can elevate my spirit. However, I would like everyone to understand that careful calculations are required to express the beauty of people and things.

Living every day life beautifully is the same way, too. Everything is based on law and philosophy, and there are hidden calculations under the surface. In short, all this allows me to say with confidence that “beauty is a calculation”.