Confidence and Pride as a High-heels Coach

I work everyday with an absolute confidence and pride as a High-heels Coach. But I don’t boast to make every woman as beautiful as possible or to teach her what elegance is. A woman knocking on my door will certainly experience changes trough my lessons, but these changes are less dependent on my skills than my client’s ability to truly feel her body.

Then, what would I be so proud of?

The answer is : while teaching how to walk in high-heels, I can help you heal some of the aches or troubles that affect our body. I think my job is a kind of doctor. For our health, we can’t make light of the importance of an action such as everyday walking.

One of my new clients who came yesterday for her fifty “prêt-à-porter” lesson had an operation when she was a cild to treat a dislocation of the left hip joint. This problem reappeared two years ago and she couldn’t walk normally for a while.

It was at that time that she discovered my blog, and tried to walk putting her weight on the ball of her big toe. She contacted me last month, but before that, she prepared well for my lessons, training herself every day to pay attention to her body.

I have already worked before with other clients who had a had lumbago or dislocation. Those clients who had serious problems of their bodies have followed my “haute couture” lessons that I can see what to correct directly, but this time we have worked via Skype.

Of course, for any client, there needs to be a great deal of concentration to overcome the handicap of the screen compared to a face-to-face lesson. But when clients suffer from a bodily problem, a truly colossal concentration is required as even a slight misjudgment can cause serious consequences.

During the first lesson with my new client, I immediately understood what the situation was at her body level. And since it is impossible to work on all the problems at once, I prioritized what was to be treated as quickly as possible.

What is great about this client is that she assimilates the movements she learned with the awareness of her own body that she has developed. Correcting bad habits in daily movements that we repeated day after day is particularly painful and requires a continuous effort.

Yesterday, she came to my lesson after two weeks blank because of her business trip. Despite this, my client’s body posture had changed wonderfully. It impressed me and I didn’t forget to let her know. The source of such a result, it is a strong sense of beauty.

The other day, my client went to see her doctor to thank him for the operation that he gave her. She also told him that : For me, it’s more than a matter of walking well. It’s also being able to move freely as I desired. I can finally live my life on my own will.

Thanks to the operation, now she lives her own life with the joy that makes her enjoy beauty and health wearing her favorite high-heels, a luxury that had been stolen from her.

I was also touched by her words : My legs, which may have been a handicap in my life, now I see differently. I think they are miracle pieces that allowed me to meet extraordinary people.

If we focus sincerely on what we have now, we will meet a different future. Creating your own future depends on how we can feel gratitude and joy for the present situation. Why can I say like this confidently? Because I lived the same situation.

Confronting her difficulties, my client manages to transform her body certainly. At our last lesson, when I saw how well her body was and how much it had improved, I was sure that a new bodily awareness if well-being, correctness and beauty had be engraved in her mind deeply without going back to the bad situation again.

I believe that every woman feels a certain joy when putting on a beautiful pair of high-heels.

It’s a right for all of us

I have a great affection for each of my clients, so that as long as they do not give up, I will not give up either.
I would like every woman to lead her life without restraint and enjoy the benefits to the full as a woman.