Radiate an aura and create the beauty

My technique of walking in high-heels always insistes that never land our heel first on the ground. There are some solid reasons. If you land your heel first, you will surely bend your knee and in this way you can’t put your wight on the ball of your big toe, then a load will be added to the outside of your foot.

It means the load will also be added to the outside of your legs, and the outer muscles of the legs will develop which cause bow-legs. At the same time, it makes your back arch which causes lumbago. If you land your foot on the ground from heel with straight your knee, you might damage your heels of shoes because your heel of shoes touch the ground with an acute angle that can break the heel.

And it makes your back arch further which causes worse lumbago. So when you walk in high-heels, you never land you heel first oh the ground.

There are many stone-payed road in Paris. It is no wonder that heels of shoes will break if we land from our heel first on the ground, but even if I touch the ground softly from toe, it is indispensable that I have to often change cushions for my high-heels.

Feeling discomfort when I walk, it’s a sign for change cushions, but another sign is when I hear the metallic sound of heels touching the ground. The sound gives us certain awareness. It is not elegant to clack while walking in high-heels.

Unfortunately, many women do it when they walk in high-heels. The clacking sound which most women make is unpleasant and actually unacceptable for me. When you are about to touch the ground, make sure to point your toe backwards as far as possible, tighten your muscles of the les and land you toe on the grand.

At the moment of landing, pay attention to your knee muscles and out your foot softly on the ground, it will make no sounds. That moment which we land our foot on the ground silently, I could tell you as a good pilot or not when they bring a plan to landing.

A good pilot doesn’t make any chock when as the plane touched down, but we feel uncomfortable cause of giving us shock as touch the ground, when a pilot can’t succeed.

A beautiful landing requires “mind”, and at the same time, a technique which represent “mind”.

Mastering a technique requires a training, like a pilot, you can’t make a beautiful landing without a training. But there is no time to be relieved even if you put your foot on the ground beautifully, at the same time you lift your hind leg from the ground, you knee of hind leg must touch the knee of your foreleg.

The moment that can deprive the elegance should be taken away as fast as possible. What makes women graceless when they walk and stand, it makes a space between both knees. You can understand better than read my articles if you take a video as you walk in high-heels.

I strongly advise you to film yourself walking and watch yourself objectively. I am also sometimes appalled to look at myself in the video. When we walk in high-heels, there are some moments that make a space between both knees without a consciousness, one of them is the moment you lift your hind foot from the ground as I mentioned above.

If you wait to long to move forward your hind leg, the moment that makes a space between both knees will be too long, which can deprive the elegance instantly even if you put the haute-coutures or gorgeous jewels on.

Who moves your body?
It is nobody else but you.

I think a lot of people walk and move their body unconsciously without thinking well, but it is really beautiful like this? I want you to ask yourself. Maybe they don’t know the universe yet but knowing the depth of this universe can radiate an aura and create the beauty.

What we need in our days are
art, beauty, love and a way of living that embrace every precious moment.
I feel strongly like this.