Walking with a right theory

“Before I learned high-heels walking, I had no idea that make sure to point our toe backwards then slightly bend our knee before we move forward our foot. I believed the way of flat shoes walking style – landing from heels – was the only right way to walk as it’s said generally correct.

When I walked in my high-heels, I touched the ground from heels like a way of flat shoes walking with no doubt. I suppose many people believe this way like I believed before. When we walk in high-heels, we touch the ground from toe. There’s a lot of preparations for that.”

– Extracted from one of my clients blog-


Nothing is more dangerous than ignorance. If we don’t know the right method, the situation will get worse even if we invest our precious time and money. I guess this is an universe of high-heels. As my client said, there’s always essential preparations before we move forward our foot.

Like our own life, starting without any preparations makes us lose our balance and will hurt our body and elegance. Before moving forward our foot, we point our toe backwards, then slightly bend our knee. These two things are the essential preparations.

The reason why insteps must be straight from shins is, without this work, heel could touch the ground as we move forward our foot. To prevent this situation, we move forward our foot unconsciously like we draw an arc with our foot. This way of walking has neither elegance nor grace when we look at from the front.

At the same time, a load will be added to the other leg because of the centrifugal force. As a result, the outer muscle of the legs will develop which causes bow-legs. As you prepare your toe, you have to bend your knee at the same time. If you won’t bend your knee, your shoe will surely touch the ground and it could damage.

That’s why we need absolutely two preparations as I mentioned above.
Prepare well – don’t land your heel first on the ground, insteps are straight from shins toward the ground, tighten your muscles of the leg, and you land your toe first on the ground.


If you don’t tighten your muscles of the leg, your knee can’t hold your body and you can’t stand straight as you land your foot. In this way you will tend to use your outer muscles of the other leg which you can cause lumbago. Every move has a reason. Walking without any attention can harm our body.


You will understand clearly why I say these things when you know the connection between the body structure and the way of moving because it’s completely logic. It’s very important to connect your brain and your body, because you can understand deeply and can move your muscles easily.


ASAMI-PARIS’s clients don’t walk or move theirs muscles vaguely, they walk gracefully based on the logic with a right theory. There’s no real way without knowing a real theory. It’s the eternal truth in any field, I guess. With my theory, I can answer clearly any questions from any different fields. This is my theory of high-heels.