How to keep your beauty in winter

Shivering season has finally come. How do we adjust to such weather condition? Most people change their wardrobe depending on the season. But as for me, I don’t really care about it. You will see me wearing the same dresses all year-round. Why? Because I don’t want to change who I am. I am confident about my self, therefore, I love to wear dress which can accentuate my silhouette.

Season may change, but season can’t stop me from being a woman. Do I feel cold? Yes, of course I do. But If I wearing my high-heels, I don’t really feel that cold. My muscles can give me energy. As I always say, wearing high-heels is like playing a sport. While you’ re playing, you don’t really feel cold because you’re sweating. Same as high-heels, you’re actually working on your muscles as you walk in high-heels.

Aside from that, you don’t really need to go on a diet even if you wear sexy dresses. You can eat meat if you want, that is actually good for your muscles. We need protein to keep our muscles condition. So, you don’t really need to put on several layers of clothes in winter, you don’t need to give up on your sexy dresses. With your high-heels, you can wear the same attire all year.

A pair of high-heels can be your weapon against cold days. You can ditch your pants and long sleeve tops which actually hide your figure. No matter how cold it is, I still wear my favorite dress, I just put on a coat If I have to walk outside. Life is not so difficult. Winter is cold, but it wouldn’t stop me from being a woman.