High-heels and Muscles

If you need to improve your physical strength, I would recommend you to try walking in high-heels. Most people think that we only use our leg muscles when we walk with high-heels. But that is just a misconception, we don’t only use our leg muscles.They are just one of the may muscles we have to use. As a matter of fact, we use every one of our muscles, from head to toe. This is how it works. When we walk with high-heels, we have to pull our abdominal muscles up. Our back muscles are also working as we have to keep it straight, our head must not be tilted. Of course, our gluteus muscles are also involved. Plus, our inner muscles. If you walk using only your leg muscles, you are facing possible injuries. This may cause backache or some muscles in your body may even torn apart. We need a perfect balance, thus all muscles must be coordinated.

Aside from that, proper positioning of each body part is also necessary. Let’s say you, bend your head forward, slightly tilted, your shoulder will then be hunched, thus you will lose your abdominal muscles. Consequently, your knee will also adapt and it will bend on its own (the standing knee). As a result, you definitely won’t be able to put your weight on the ball of your big toe.

Just like other spots, if we want to excel then we have to practice constantly. The same as walking in high-heels, you can’t walk around town without any practice. Have you seen an athlete compete without preparation? In my case, I do stretching and barefoot exercises every morning.

If I don’t do stretching or exercising, I won’t be able to strengthen my body of course, my muscles as well.
If I wan’t do this, I won’t be able control my inner muscles when I walk.
If I don’t do any preparation, I would definitely injure my body.
I will also develop a bad posture together with bigger outer muscles.

Why do I need to exercise every morning? Our body has the tendency to reset as we sleep at night. As we wake up, we also have to awaken our muscles. Bear this in mind, regular morning exercises is imperative, if you want to master that elegant high-heels walk. You just don’t develop the beauty of walking in high-heels, but you also improve your over all health. Beauty is a must and it must radiate from within. To achieve that elegant high-heels walk, you have to strengthen your muscles first.