Whose fault is it?

Christian Dior is now holding exhibition that will last until January 2018 at Le Musée Des Arts Décoratifs. Finally, I could go there three weeks ago. I regretted at first, when I saw how many people were waiting in line. I was thinking of going back home soon after seeing how heavy the line was. But I am not sure when I can have another free time to visit the museum. So, I decided to stay and wait just like most people. We had to wait outside the museum, it was cold, I didn’t think about bringing a book and unfortunately, I was alone. I waited in line for an hour until I could enter the museum.


While waiting, I was listening to my favorite classical music. That relieved my stress. Aside from being in line, I also had to stand with my high-heels while waiting for my turn. I think someone would like to ask me, ” Are you okay? Did your high-heels caused you pain?” My answer would be “Of course not.”


As you know, my technique of walking in high-heels is to put on my weight on the ball of my big toe. So, while I was standing and waiting I was just leaving my weight on the ball of my big toe. Naturally, many women would feel much pain if they stand and wait for an hour with their high-heels. Or even just waking hurts them.


Whose fault? Well, definitely not their high-heels. The reason why they hurt themselves is how they put their weight on their high-heels and how they walk. If you can correctly put your weight, you won’t feel any pain. Even in you had to stand and wait for a long time, you won’t hurt yourself. There are so many rumors about high-heels but as I always say, your pair of high-heels should never blamed.