Rumors and High-heels

I have started my high-heels consultation lesson last January. It means I’ve been moulding and creating women who can work as a high-heels coach like me. I appreciate that I already have ten consultating clients.

I share not only knowledge and technique as a coach but also knowledge of the human anatomy as well as the voice technique which can make the client control their client’s body. How to be charismatic is also part of the consulting. My clients have to learn all these things for six months.

After that, they will be ready to open their lesson and be a high-heels coach. Three of my clients already graduated. As a matter of fact, they already have clients. That makes me so happy. In the field of high-heels, many people have negative image towards walking in high-heels. For example, walking in high-heels may cause backache or some other problem in our body.

But, where do those news came from? Of course such gassip came from people who actually injured themselves. They are spreading bad rumor due to their bad experience. They don’t have enough knowledge about it, si they hurt themselves. Some doctor also say that walking in high-heels is not good. You ought not wear them.

I agree with the fact that doctor can heal our body, they can treat us. But they are not professional when it comes to walking in high-heels. In general, many doctors don’t even know how walk with them. They don’t know the techniques so they can’t walk with them correctly and elegantly.

We tend to follow doctor’s advise regardless of the fact. It is so dangerous. So, I would like to change people’s mindset about high-heels. And I would like to create more women who can spread the good news about high-heels. Thanks to my high-heels consulting clients, more women will have the chance to improve walking in high-heels.

More women will also look elegant. A pair of high-heels is not a dangerous thing. The way how we walk with them is. Nowadays, women tend not to walk with them because of the bad rumor. I hope you don’t give up your high-heels. Learn first, before you judge, if you are a woman, high-heels is an essential item.