Cruising and high-heels

I had a great summer vacation with my family. We spent excellent time in the ship for 7 days. It was our fourth time to cruise ont the Mediterranean sea. My family adores cruising vacation. I don’t usually do anything while cruising. I just read some books and watched my son while he was swimming and took a nap with sun shining on me. I was excited seeing the sunrise and sunset on the sea. It was amazing! My favorite time is dinner time. We changed our wear from swimsuit to evening wear. We could create a beautiful ambience. Everything was so perfect.As I was lazy during my vacation, I just took care of my muscles. As you know, I need my high-heels no matter where I go but I especially need them during my vacation. I couldn’t do enough high-heels exercises, but I didn’t want to lose muscles. So, even though I wore swimsuit near the pool, I definitely still walked in 15cm high-heels. When I went to the restaurant, of course I wore my Christian Louboutin high-heels. Thanks to my high-heels, I didn’t have to lose my muscles including my abdominal and inner muscles. Also, I could keep my femininity. If I wore flat shoes or law-heeled shoes, I probably have already lost not only my muscles, but my body silhouette as well.

After my vacation, I need to exercise hardly again. The next day after our vacation, I immediately had a lesson with my client, therefore, I had to keep my body condition even during the vacation. Always, my paire of high-heels guide me even though during my lazy days. A pair of high-heels is an amazing accessory, but it is also a sport to me. We booked cruising vacation again for the next summer. I will absolutely bring some pair of my beloved high-heels.

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