Height matters

I gave myself a present three weeks ago. If it didn’t have red sole, I think I won’t ever choose it. Actually, I love this beige pair now! I used to wear Christian Louboutin my high-heels lessons with my clients. They are 14cm high platform. I usually wear different shoes on my daily life.

My yellow pair was for my lessons. My new pair is 15cm high platform. There is 1cm difference between my yellow and beige one, but that small gap has big effect on me. I have sore muscles since I change my yellow to beige one. Especially, I feel the pain on my hips, because I have to control my body using my inner muscles and body axis.

This 1cm difference can give so much effect on our body. As my clients develop their muscles for walking in high-heels, the height of their heels also change. It is important to adapt the level of high-heels and the development of muscles. It means that it is not good to walk with too low heels neither too high heels.

If you wear a too low heel, your muscles will be lazy to work. On the other hand, if you wear heels which are too high for you, it may damage your body because you will have a hard time controlling your inner muscles and body axis.

The height of our high-heels is very important to our body. We shouldn’t fail to choose which is better for us. I usually suggest my client the heels they have to wear. That depends on their muscles. I can understand the capability of their body including their muscles. I always think that I work like a doctor.

A pair of high-heels is a great item for woman only if you made the right choice. How high your heels are will let you walk better. I always say that there is a technic in walking in high-heels that involves constant practice and exercise. Don’t rush, but don’t your dare stop.