Dream Legs

Before walking in high-heels, I used to have a complex. I hadn’t liked my legs’ line from childhood. I tried to go on a diet wen I was around 17 years old. I also started working as a model at that time. As you know, models are so slim and slender legs. Then, I felt more embarrassed with my legs. Due to my pursuit of getting that perfectly-shaped legs, I started hitting the gym everyday, I even ran hardly. Finally, I was able to participate in the Honolulu Marathon regularly. But these are not solutions to change my body. I became so skinny especially on my upper body. However, it didn’t change my legs. I kept worrying about my legs for such a long time. What happened to me? How was I able to solve my childhood problem?

The keys are my pregnancy and 15 cm high-heels. After giving birth to my son, I decided not to run anymore. I chose stretching and exercises that I provide prior to high-heels walk. As a matter of fact, I gained 21 kg during my pregnancy but I was able to lose what I gained in just 3 months, thanks to stretching and exercising.
Then I made a habit to wear 15 cm at home instead of my slippers. Just like that and my legs transformed into beautiful silhouette. I couldn’t believe it. I was finally free from my worry. Could you imagine how happy I am? I am sure that our habit makes our body, based on my experience. I think many women have complex to their body like what I had before. I can say that the solution is a pair of high-heels. As I told you, walking in high-heels is like doing a sport. We need special muscles to control our body. We need to have a good posture. Using inner leg muscles will give you a nice silhouette. Keeping a good posture will require you to use your abdominal and back muscles. We need all our muscles to successfully walk in high-heels. If you want to wear higher heels, you have to develop your muscles first. As you develop them, your heels will also get higher and higher.

Walking in high-heels is really a kind of sports! If you want to change your body, you should change your shoes. But be careful! Always pay attention. You may harm your body by your way of walking. You ought to ask professional high-heels coach like me before trying it. All sports need trainers or coaches, if not, you won’t be able to play the right game. That’s the same thing for high-heels walk. This video shows me walking in 15 cm high-heels. Here’s the proof that you too can transform your legs. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-p1M602Jvs4