Age is just a number

I am sure that even as we get older, we would still need a pair of high-heels. Actually, I had a client who was in her 70’s, but still hoping to walk elegantly. I have mentioned in my blog before, Posture or Pain that we need to keep good posture to be able walk properly and elegantly.

As we aged, we tend to lose muscles, therefore, we need to train our body to keep our muscles. We need to choose an exercise or sport which is interesting for us. As I always say, walking in high-heels is also a kind of sports. It does not train only our legs but the whole body. Such as the abdominal, back, hips and arms, too. All our muscles work well. If we can do it, then surely, we can walk in high-heels correctly.

Do you believe that we can also tone our arms by just walking in high-heels? One of my clients didn’t like her arms but they were so flabby. She had been exercising and doing the stretching although, she hasn’t taken the high-heels lesson proper. Then, one day, her husband told her that she has perfectly toned arms!

Of course, she was so happy after realizing that she developed ideal body, her abs, lifted bust and toned hips. In my method, axis is the most important. If we don’t use our axis as we walk in high-heels, we can’t use neither our legs and abdominal inner muscles. Controlling the axis is so important to avoid any possible injury.

I think the special muscles that we use to walk with them have something in common with Pilates. If you can’t use your axis when you walk, you will surely use your outer muscles which will affect your posture. You will totally harm you body.

It shouldn’t stop us from being beautiful.

Age is just a number, as they say. We can wear high-heels regardless of our age. That’s why we still need high-heels even as we get older. There is no age limit. We must train our muscles to maintain good posture or else your will be hunchbacked.

It is easy for us to keep our posture, all we need is a beautiful pair of high-heels.