Posture or Pain

A good posture us essential for a proper high-heels walk. If you can’t walk correctly, it only means that you don’t have good posture. Without it, you have a risk of damaging your body. I have met many clients who have the same problem with their body such as backache, hallux valgus, pelvis dislocation, malformed legs.

One of my clients has a stiff shoulder before taking my lesson. She had suffered from it for a long time because of doing desk work all day long. She couldn’t keep a good posture as her shoulder became stiff. Finally, she felt much pain on it. As she started my lesson, she had a hard time stretching her scapula when she tried to make big circles as part of our exercise routine.

She felt much pain as she tried to do so. But she tried this step little by little aside from correcting her posture during ou lesson proper. I ordered her to push her head backward, but not to bend her back. Finally, she understood the proper position of her head and back. She was surprised that she doesn’t feel any shoulder pain anymore. She even went to a massage spa before to solve her problem, but to no avail. Well, she can solve it now, thanks to high-heels.

This is high-heels magic! Many people think that high-heels damage their body, but it’s the other way around. People damage themselves, high-heels should never be blame for this. High-heels are not the culprit, it’s how they walk, posture and their bad habits. We can walk in flat shoes even though we are having a bad posture but we can’t walk on high-heels if we don’t have a good posture.

This means that high-heels tell us what is wrong with our body. Good posture is a must to high-heels walk. Most people protrude their head forward, but as they do their shoulder and back are also bent or misaligned. Thus, this posture will damage or harm our body. You ought to check you head position in front of the mirror and look side to side.