No worries

I went to Les Saisons restaurant two days ago with my family. It is located near my house so it only takes 7 minutes on foot. We can enjoy traditional French cuisine from their meals. Aside from that, we can also feel the soul of the chef.This restaurant is one my my favorites.

By the way, it is getting colder lately. Of course, we are in winter season, but it seems colder than precious winter season. I have never worn boots in the last two years because of the tendency to develop a bad habit if I do so. I have mentioned it this article Winter Dilemma. Actually, my legs don’t feel cold because as I walk in high-heels, I can balance my body using inner muscles with special muscles which is essential in walking. I can keep my body warm, thanks to my high-heels. Even if I enjoy eating much, the silhouette of my legs doesn’t change. How we use our inner muscles or control our body is crucial to waking in high-heels. This is similar to Pilates. It needs the axis of our body. If you walk while shaking your upper body in high-heels, your axis won’t work. Moving nor shaking the upper body is not all welcome if you walk in high-heels. This will result in losing your body weight to your big toe mound. Your should give your weight on your big toe mound, but if your shake or move your upper body, your won’t be able to do this. If your can’t do this, you will develop muscles on your outer leg. Unfortunately, this will look like a rugby ball. If you want to enjoy eating, dont’ be afraid. You can eat whatever you want, you don’t need to count your calorie intake. You don’t have to be anxious. As long as you can control your muscles in high-heels, you have nothing to worry about. That is the logical.