Pains no more

I heard from many clients that they feel tired when they walk in high-heels before taking my lesson. I think many women have the same problem. I always say that walking in high-heels is a kind of sports.

If you don’t use your inner muscles with special muscles which are essential in walking in high-heels or if you don’t use your axis, this will surely in tiredness because of the pressure from your body. In worse case scenario, it may even damage your back or body. I have a story about one of my clients.

She lives in Malaysia and she takes my lesson via Skype, after our second lesson, she tried to wear 8cm heels to go to her office. She was surprised with her body. At first, she felt like she was only wearing flat shoes even though she was wearing 8cm heels. Before taking my lesson, she could only wear high-heels for one hour because she would soon feel the pain.

Could you imagine how surprise she was? It was like magic! But it is not magic, it was real. I taught her the parts of the body which are essential for high-heels. Then, we trained and exercised barefooted before trying her high-heels. Exercising without any shoes on is a must!

As you know, it is important to know the basic of whatever spots you’re planning to start. If we skip such important step, walking in high-heels correctly might not be possible. Reaching the goal of walking elegantly will soon fade. I understand that most women would like to wear high-heels instantly.

But, don’t rush! Don’t hurry! Before walking with them, you should do some stretching and exercising first just like how athletes warm up before the actual game. Preparation is non-negotiable. If you gave up walking in high-heels because of some problems that you encountered, then, start it over again.

Go back to basic, walk without your shoes on. You can’t walk in high-heels well,if you don’t start from the corse.