Skating and High-Heels

This is my precious time, Sunday morning! I started skating with my family every Sunday morning two months ago. When I was a child, I couldn’t skate because I lost balance on the ice. After that incident, I got scared and didn’t skate until now. Why I had the gusts to try it again after long years? My father-in-low has been taking figure skating lessons since last year. So, my family also became interested, Actually, I was a bit hesitant to try it again. My memories from my childhood reminded me of my accident. But I thought that keeping my balance on the ice is possible, If you use the technique of high-heels. I wanted to try my philosophy of high-heels and see if it will work. That was two months ago. I retain my balance even though I was on the ice. I couldn’t skate in my childhood but it’s a piece of cake now, it is so funny because in most case it’s harder for adults to learn something new especially if it can’t be done from childhood. Children learn faster. But I did it. I feel so great when I finally learn how to skate. it is my hobby now. Skating and walking in high-heels are so similar.  The key is the big toe mound. We lose our balance if we don’t put our weight on our big toe mound, this is the same when we skate. We may also lose our balance on the ice if we don’t do it.

It is important to let our knees touch when we walk in high-heels. There shouldn’t be a gap between your knees as you move your legs forward. That is the same thing for skating. As I always tell you, walking in high-heels is a sport. Some sports logic is also applied to high-heels walk. To learn how to skate, technique in high-heels is a must.