Posture does matter

One of my clients from Japan came last week to take two lessons. I admire her efforts for trying to walk in high-heels and she never lose it. She has shown her undying efforts to perfect her walk. Actually, since she took my high-heels lesson for the first time, she has continued coming to Paris to walk with me and she also takes my lessons via Skype once a week.

Of course, she is taking my lesson with her Christian Loubotin high-heels which she loves so dearly. She has both 14cm and 15cm now, but in the past she used to walk with only 7cm or 9cm heels. It was difficult to control her body with dearly at first. But as time goes by, she had learned to control her inner muscles even though she wears 15cm dearly.

By the time she learned how to walk with them, she never wore her 7cm or 9cm shoes anymore. It means that she had fully adjusted her body and could finally take in control of her inner muscles and abdominal muscles as well.  She could no longer adapt to her low heels. Wearing 7cm or 9cm feels like flat shoes now. Because she finally master that technique. But it is not the only important skills in walking in high-heels.

Good posture also comes with it. I realized that her body had developed a slightly bad habit. Her back bent backwards. She didn’t notice that posture, I think most people don’t realize how their posture looks like. But it is a big problem for walking in high-heels, especially if you will walk in such high-heels like her. We can control our body with high-heels.

If you can pull your abdominal muscles out, but if you bend your back, abdominal muscles won’t work. During our lesson, it is not easy to changer her bad posture but once it’s corrected her abdominal muscles will be awakened. Our body is consisting only of one unit, everything is connected. So, her posture became perfect. Moreover, she can control her Christian Loubotin shoes more.

Muscle is important in high-heels walk, and also our posture. Your high-heels will tell you whether you have a good posture or not.