One Step at a Time

Black louboutin high-heels

Two months ago, one of my clients bought new high-heels. She bought a pair of Christian Loubutin. She was confused which to buy the 10cm heel or 12cm heel. She had a hard time deciding which is better for her. Finally, she decided to buy the 12cm high-heels because she felt it is more beautiful than the 10cm one.


In our lesson before, she tried to walk in 7cm high-heels. She could do it. So, it is a big leap for her, from 7cm to 12cm. After changing her high-heels, she couldn’t balance them at first, because she was controlling it with her legs’ outer muscles. It was her first time to wear such high-heels, so she was scared to control using her inner muscles.  She was afraid that she might stumble.


So, what did I do ti her? At first, I didn’t let her walk with her new high-heels. It is important for her to realize which muscles she should use. Controlling her body using her inner muscles is a teaching she must not forget. She did it before when she was walking on a 7cm heel, so definitely she can do it with her new high-heels.


We did some exercises and did it little it little until she remembered how she can control her body the proper way. She needed time to take away her fear of falling on her 12cm high-heels.


I always say, “Don’t rush but Don’t stop”. After a month of training, she could successfully walk on her 12cm high-heels without touching the wall. Of course, she hasn’t reached her goal yet, but at least she can walk on high-heels correctly, much better now.


She developed beautiful leg silhouette as well. What happened to her was natural because obviously we need to control many muscles if we wear higher heels than shorter one.  I am sure that our leg’s silhouette is proportion to the height of our high-heels.


The taller the heels, the slimmer it gets, the same phenomenon happens to our legs. As we wear higher heels, the more beautiful legs we can have. As I always tell you, we need more muscles as we walk on higher heels. If you force yourself to walking in high-heels without any training or knowledge, you may damage your body.


Proper exercises and practice is the key to master that most coveted high-heels walk. But don’t rush, take your time and always pay attention to your muscles.