Healing your back


The weather has gotten cold lately in Paris. I could finally wear my fur coat from last week which was given by my grandfather as precious gift. I don’t like cold so much, but I love to match my fur with my high-heels. By the way, could you believe that a pair of high-heels can heal our backache?

Almost everybody thinks that walking in high-heels may damage our back. In fact, you may have already damage your back without knowing it. But believe me, don’t blame your high-heels for that. The way you walk should be blamed instead. My client hurt her back while sleeping.

She never had a backache so she was surprised when she felt much pain. She got up and tried to walk but she couldn’t do so, so she had to stay in bed for several days. Finally, she could pull herself up from the bed and started walking, though, she still felt pain.

Surprisingly, she didn’t feel any pain when she wore high-heels. Is it possible? She told me that she remembered what I told her during our high-heels lessons.  She tried to pull her abdominal muscles up, as what I have told her. She even felt pain when walking in flats.

It is because we don’t need to pull our abdominal muscles up, if we walk in flats. But doing so is a must if you walk in high-heels. That is the technique. As you know, our abdominal muscles relieves our backache. We hava to train our abdomen to avoid backache. That consciousness is brought by wearing high-heels.

You won’t have that realization if you will only walk on your flats. A pair of high-heels can be your back. But pay attention, please. Even if you have the knowledge about walking in high-heels, you shouldn’t do it alone. As I told you, walking in high-heels is a hard sports.  

You should seek professionals like me to guide you. Doing it alone may harm you more. Athletes don’t practice by themselves, they need someone to train them. The same way goes for high-heels walk. This is my latest video, walking in high-heels with my fur in Paris.