Nice Dress… Not enough

I had a great time with my family on our vacation. We spent wonderful days on the luxury ship. The sea is blue, the sun is beaming, what a wonderful sight! I just relaxed with my book, of course, I took a lot of nap under sunshine, it was like sun bathing. What a relaxing time. All night, we changed our wear for our formal dinner. Women wore dresses and men wore formal suit. Guests could change their ambiance between daytime and night time. We have different atmosphere. Everybody looked gorgeous. But I felt sorry because I hardly saw women wearing high-heels. In our ship, there were almost 7000 passengers. It means there are so many guests. Their dresses are gorges, but it didn’t match their shoes. They could have been more elegant if they had wore elegant high-heels. As a result, they couldn’t meet the elegance they are hoping for. It is regretful that they didn’t pay attention to their shoes. I noticed once again how important shoes are to women.

As I always say, our elegance depends on how we walk and our shoes. But if we fail to match our dress with a pair of high-heels, our elegance will soon vanish. I was so shock to witness such situation. The knowledge is so important. Women must know how important our walk is to look elegant. They must realize how important it is. If you know about this, you will surely agree with me. That’s a simple fact but makes a huge difference. You must know how to choose the rightful shoes and match  it with a great walk! Voila! That’s how you define elegance. Not only with your dress but your shoes will carry your total package.