Give and Take

Finally, I could write a blog again after hibernating for two months. I was busy during the summer vacation. During this season, I spent quality time with my son and my work as well. Controlling my schedule isn’t easy but I love it. I know that children grow up fast, so I want to enjoy spending lovely time with my son.

He’ll grow up soon. Finally, my most awaited vacation is coming. I will depart this coming Sunday for our Mediterranean cruise with my family. Last year, I had to cancel our planned vacation just day before due to our sudden house change. But it was a good decision because after moving, our life had completely changed.  I will celebrate my birthday during the cruise.

Before our vacation, my husband gave me his early birthday present in preparation for our birthday diner onboard. I was so excited to receive his precious gift. It is a pair of Christian Louboutin! It looke so chic! It’s a pair of blue high-heels made of suede material. I will definitely bring this on our vacation.

Actually, I always live with a pair of high-heels. My red  Christian Louboutin which I bought 3 years ago is already like my old friend or a partner. We are always together. Whenever I go ou no matter what the weather is, I always walk with them. When I am also feeling tired, walking with them makes me feel better.

I never live a day without them. Why do I always walk in high-heels? There are many reasons but one thing is for sure and certain. I can never live without my high-heels. This is not an exaggeration. It really comes from my heart. High-heels give us a lot of benefits. I really appreciate everything my high-heels have been giving me.  

To reciprocate my gratitude, I walk with them elegantly. That is a sign of respect. High-heels are helping my body and soul in many ways, so I also give something back, by wearing them.  It’s a give and take relationship. I always hope that all women will have that kind of mutual feelings with their high-heels.