Go Away Bunions

I think many women are suffering from Hallux Valgus(Bunion). I feel sorry that they have to give up wearing high-heels because of such painful Bunion. Actually, I have some clients who also suffered from it. They wanted to walk in high-heels, bunions did’t stop them from reaching their dream, so they knocked my door. They wanted me to support them. I think you won’t believe me, but this is true, their problem was solved. That was unbelievable! Some people even go under the knife to remove their bunion but my clients just did it with my help. Now, they can walk in high-heels in their daily life. I am not a doctor, I don’t have any medical license but I can cure body problems with my high-heels. No tablets, no syrups, no knife… Almost all people make a mistake of controlling their body. If we can awaken our proper muscles, our body will be healed. That’s too simple, right? Especially those who are suffering from bunions, they need to put their weight on their big toe mound. But as you do it, you will feel much pain. But you have to endure the pain to master this technique. That painful technique will be solve the problem.

My client is working as a cabin crew, she had suffered from bunion before taking my lesson. She felt much pain whenever she stood up and felt her toe. She was scared to put her weight on her big toe on our first lesson. Surprisingly, the pain went away as we continued. Before we do the high-heels lesson proper, we did stretching exercises first barefooted. As we did it, she realized how she should control her body. After our lesson, she decided to live with a pair of high-heels. No more pain. All her worries and fears have flown away. I am sure that our body problems are caused by our bad habit. Our own fault. It only means that if we turn our bad habit into good habits, we will be healed naturally. That’s for free, no doctor’s fee, no medical fees.

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