When two masterpieces meet

Azzedine Alaïa attracts me, I respect his artwork and his spirits. Long time ago, I visited Azzedine Alaïa exhibition. I was shocked to see his dresses. What a magnificent creation! Every pieces of his creations are so wonderful. I was especially moved by his long dress. He represents body silhouette delicately and dynamically. He completely understood female body. I was speechless when I was that dress for the first time. It was jaw dropping. I couldn’t find a word to describe how I truly feel at that time. I always say that a pair of high-heels is an art, clothes and dresses are also pieces of arts. Designers pour out their spirit and devotion to create those arts. They are not just accessoires nor decoration but those are expression of their designer. We don’t just wear them to suit some its purpose but we have responsibility to reach their level. Those are arts, therefore they deserved to be respected. We have to think how we should wear those dress or those high-heels.  

I am now working as a high-heels coach but I would also like to impart my knowledge to women who would like to wear a dress created by a high-class couturier. Of course, they should match it with high-heels. That looks perfect! I would like to advise them how to properly match those two work of art. It would be an amazing match. An art deserves another art. A nice dress deserves an elegant high-heels. How would you carry them? It all depends on your walk. Don’t ever ruin your dress and high-heels with your walk. If you want to wear them, then learn how to walk with them first. Walking is also an art.