Flaunt your knees

As my clients learned how to control their body wearing high-heels, they simultaneously transform their legs into beautiful silhouette. At first, they can see the change on their knees. They will turned into a beautiful sculpture. Then, they will also notice that they already have inner muscles on their legs.

Not a ball-like muscle but a curvaceous one. Most women have complex legs, different shapes, muscles are forming here and there. But those are formed due to bad habits, why my clients could change their legs? It’s all because of the use of our muscles, proper use of muscle.  We use our muscles as we walk.

But these may bring harm to our legs. Proper walk is very important to achieve such enviable legs. How we push our knees is essential to stiffen our knee. But it is more important how we push our knees. We have to make an effort to push, not bend it. That’s different.

How do we know that we are pushing it correctly? On the first stage, we would feel muscle pain as we push our knee.  The pain is coming from inside the knee. It means that your knees muscles have awaken already. They are developing and swelling, therefore, we feel the pain. But it will subside as we continue doing it.

The second stage is feeling the pain from the inner muscles. The thigh inner muscles and knees are working together. As we can observe, the pain is getting higher. It will start from the knee to our thigh inner muscles and finally, the last stage is our hips, as you push the knee, thigh muscles are also working and so as the hip muscles. We can feel the pressure from those muscles. If you feel those three muscle pains, it means that you are doing fine.

Your dream pair of legs is just right around the corner. Just keep on pushing, and your enviable legs will also push through.

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