Rain and High-heel

The rain finally stopped from yesterday. It had been a long time since I felt and saw the sunshine. Where did it go? It had rained continuously and strongly in this past few weeks. Sun seemed to forgot shining on us.  Regardless of the heavy rain, I didn’t feel gloomy at all.

Bad weather won’t change my mood.  Also, I didn’t forget to wear my high-heels. I don’t have any rain boots but I have no intention of buying them. Normally, in this kind of weather, we couldn’t keep our motivation. Weather affects our enthusiasm. This gloomy weather makes people lose their interest on something.

So, how do I keep my motivation? As you guess, it’s my high-heels, no other than. I walked using my platform high-heels in those rainy days.  This platform is made from thick-soled shoes. This is better than normal stilettos to avoid getting wet. I prefer this platform during these hard rainy days.

We have our options, we can choose high-heels depending on the situation and weather. What else can you ask for more? There’s no reason to look gloomy with your high-heels.

A pair of high-heels can motivate us anytime, anywhere. Don’t let the bad weather demotivate you. With your high-heels, you can surely keep your beauty and elegance.