Weather Symptoms

The weather is getting warmer and warmer since yesterday in Paris. It got cold and even rained last month, so finally we can breathe the air of spring. As the temperature changes, our body is also affected. We naturally react to the change of climate.  My client asked me about it because she feels a tinge of pain on her right pinky toe lately. Actually, she doesn’t have any problem on her way of walking and didn’t even have any bad habit, at all. I understood why she feels that pain. She doesn’t live in Paris, she’s from Japan. It is already warm in Japan, because spring has already came. As the temperature rises, our body tends to swell. As a result, our shoes may seem smaller. It’s a common phenomenon. I also experience this during summer and spring season. I feel that my high-heels are smaller in summer but wider in winter. One of my clients  uses tow size, one for spring and the other for winter.

Our body is more sensitive and complicated that we think. Our body can tell us a hundred signs. Those signs have their own meaning. So, if you feel that your feet are swelling and your high-heels are getting smaller, you’d better be ready for summer. Our high-heels can be our doctor and a weather forecaster as well.