Nothing is wrong with being a woman

High-heels are essential to woman’s life. Whether you are a mother or single, career woman or a housewife, you definitely need a pair of high-heels. It doesn’t depend on where we are in the society. My client works at a primary school, though she works as teacher, she still wears Christian Louboutin. Can you imagine a teacher wearing Christian Louboutin? What a wonderful sight! She wants to keep being a woman even when working, so she wear them no matter where she is. That is a very rare scenario in Japan. Basically, teacher wearing high-heels is not accepted by both parents and school staff. Of course, culture as well. Nothing is wrong with being a woman, I think. She is different from other Japanese women. She has a strong mind and she definitely know what she wants. I agree with her mindset. We have the right to live the way how we want to.

Being a woman doesn’t depend on our job. High-heels can help us live as woman anytime, anywhere. She is strong enough to follow her heart so she enjoys her life to the fullest.Of course,  she must stay in Paris for a while. She educates her students the importance of our life. It’s beyond the subjects being taught in school. Appreciating one’s life and respecting others opinion are as important as those subjects. I hope we can have more teachers like her.