I always say that our legs just represent how we walk. You will know that if you check your legs in front of the mirror. You would realize the balance between your right and left leg. As my clients take my lesson, their legs transform little by little, but the end result is dramatic.

I would like to share one of my clients story. When she first attend my lesson, her right leg’s muscle was weaker than left one.  She had difficulty standing only on her left leg, she didn’t have enough muscles on her knee. Several years ago, she noticed that her right leg muscles was weaker than the other.

So, she had trained only using her right leg for the past 10 years.  She wanted to strengthen her right leg. But as she does it, her left leg also became weak consequently.  Due to her right leg training, it made her leg transformed like a rugby ball. Training without proper usage of muscles. So, we started exercising with high-heels focusing on her left leg.

Of course, I pay attention the balance between the left and right legs. When she had finally recovered her left leg muscles, her right leg developed too. It turned into a beautiful silhouette.

As I said, we focused on the left leg but as we do this, her left leg started to support her right leg. In the past, she only relied on her right leg.  So, all the weights were in that leg. But now, she can already put her weight on her big toe mound. As a result, it helped her develop her inner muscles.

Finally, she got the perfect balance between her two legs.

Balance is very important to our life. Once we lose, some problems may arise which may cause some health, body issues. Walking in high-heels is also as important. Balance is the key for everything as well as high-heels.
They are both very essential to us.