High-heels save the day

Three weeks ago, gastritis struck me. It took me five days to fully recovery from that illness. After that, I felt better but I lost my muscles. I lost what is necessary for walking… in high-heels. Where had all my muscles gone? It felt strange because I couldn’t control my inner muscles anymore.

Worst, I also couldn’t put my weight on my big toe mound. But I know exactly what I should do. Just practice and exercise as usual. At first, I exercised bare footed before wearing my high-heels. I exercise as slowly as possible. Especially, as I moved my leg forward.

I was touching the wall as I do this to check for my inner body. I needed to feel all my muscles back. At last, 7days later, I could totally recover. As good as before I got sick. My body finally adjusted, I could control my muscles in high-heels.

It felt so good! As I always say, our body easily adjusts to a bad habit. It changes little by little, unknowingly.
When I was sick, it was so difficult to walk in high-heels, but I don’t have flats. So, I have no other way. This is a very important situation for me. Even though, I was sick, I still had to send my son off to school.

If I had flats, I could have worn them when I had a hard time wearing my high-heels. I would also lose my elegance. But I don’t have them, so I can keep being elegant regardless of my sickness. A pair of high-heels won’t ever fail me. It helps me keep my value as a woman.

It isn’t easy to keep our posture whenever we feel bad, but high-heels can save our day. No matter how my condition is good or bad, my high-heels are with me. I can’t lose them as they have became a part of my body.

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