Ballet vs High-heels

Learning ballet is good for woman. It will help us develop our posture and control our abdominal muscles. Especially, it teaches us how to properly move our body. You will notice that ballerinas move their fingers, neck and other parts of the body gracefully.

Actually, if I have a daughter, I will let her attend ballet class at a young age. But on the other hand, ballerinas or those who are doing ballet as their exercise develop a bad habit. They acquire how ballerinas walk. As a result, even if they are not dancing they still walk the same way.

I have met many clients who do ballet but possess this bad habit. As they move their foot forward just after lifting it from the ground, they can’t stride straightly. They tend to lift their foot in circle as if they are dancing ballet. Also, they land their foot like a duck, toes outward. This is exactly what they should do if they are dancing ballet.

But for high-heels walk, it isn’t supposed to be that way. Interestingly, 100% of the clients are like them. They can’t avoid developing this bad habit. They dance this way, so they walk this way as well. I have to teach them how to move our foot straight at first.

This is very basic but they should learn it from the beginning. If they can’t solve their walking problem, they definitely won’t be able to walk in high-heels elegantly. Another problem arose from this habit, as they walk like this their outer legs had formed into like a rugby ball.

Their leg’s shape is now like this. I am okay with dancing ballet because we can express our emotions from this kind of dance. There is totally nothing wrong with it. It makes them more feminine- like. But at the same time, they should also care about how they walk.

Their manner of walking should be different when they are dancing and walking. They can do both. It will be perfect if they can integrate the good habit of dancing ballet and high-heels walking. Pick up the good points and leave the bad habit behind.

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