Heels Can Heal

My client came from Japan and took my high-heels lessons last week. She had been suffering from HALLUX VALGUS for three years already. Her feet ached whenever she walked on high-heels. So, she wondered if she could take my lessons.  She worried about her aching foot. Surprisingly, she never felt pain while taking my lesson.

I taught her how to control our body by stretching and exercising before we started with our high-heels walk. I know many women are suffering from the same disease, HALLUX VALGUS. The moment we feel any pain on our legs or feet, we instantly avoid wearing high-heels. High-heels will be blamed for that pain.

But wait… it is the exact opposite of what you thought and believed for a long time. High-heels can actually heal this pain. When you feel the pain, the you just need to train the sole of your feet. Can you imagine that even our sole has a muscles? I have been telling you about the big toe mound. Your pain will be healed of you put your weight on your big toe mound.  As this step will help you develop muscle on your sole.

You must have a training for this. After taking my lessons, she went to Christian Louboutin boutique to look for her dream shoes.  She just opened a new door for her. This new door leads to high-heels world. She is now welcome to open that door as she can walk with them perfectly. No more pain.

As I always say, “A pair of high-heels can heal your body “. That is, if you can walk with them correctly. Welcome to the magical world of high-heels. You should see it for yourself, you would better feel the magic by yourself.