Breath and rhythm

What I always keep in mind is not to rush in my daily life. No matter how busy I am from doing some errands or busy from working, I told myself never to rush. I have a son, so I guess most moms can’t avoid it. but I won’t definitely break my rhythm. I won’t use my son as an excuse. As we all know, we have a job as a woman, as a business woman, as a wife to our husband and as a mother to our children. But we all given 24 hours a day. It’s all about time management. We all have the number of hours to do things each day. Usually, we tend to be more aggressive and stressed when we are busy. Consequently, we find no place in our hearts. Everything turns negative and no room to attract positive things. A hectic day leads to a very stressful and sorrowful day. So, it is important for me to keep my rhythm. At the same, I also have other reason not to rush. I can attract positive vibes plus I can walk in high-heels elegantly.  See, no rush means elegance, walking in high-heels is like a mirror. If we have stress, we tend to stride and walk faster than usual. As I have mentioned before, big steps is a big no no. No matter how beautiful we are, big steps will surely spool it.

 Elegant woman know how to manage her time. You have to show it by your way of walking. People will notice how organize you are if they saw you walking with rhythm. I planned my schedule and follow them. How would I know if I got our of my rhythm? That is simple. Our breathing will be the indicator that we are moving faster than usual. If you are catching your breath, it’s time to slow down and remember that you are an elegant woman.