A Step Ahead

My client came to Paris to take my lessons with her two pairs of Christian Louboutin.  She bought those gorgeous and chic high-heels in Japan. It was her third time to take my lesson. When she first took my lesson, she bent her knees naturally as she landed her foot on the ground.

But she was able to conquer this bad habit after taking our last lesson. She ameliorated to control her body wearing high-heels.  Good job! At this time, she had to face other problem. As she lift her right foot, her right pelvis also move up.

Same thing happens on her left foot, as she lift it, her left pelvis also moves. She tends to sway her body as she walks. Because of this,  she couldn’t use her abdominal muscles. She uses her pelvis more than the inner muscles. As a result, she couldn’t put her weight on her big toe mound.

Do you know why her pelvis moves as she lifts her foot?  In her case, I noticed that when she lift her right foot on the ground, her tow goes inward. You may think that this is just a very small movement. But one wrong step will lead to a thousand wrong steps.

It has a domino effect.  If you fail to make the first step right, then all steps and movement will go wrong.So, I focused on this problem during our lesson. Finally, she could correct her initial step. She learned where to pont her toe. She realized her mistake by herself.

So, eventually she learned how to control her pelvis. It is very important to make it right once we notice something strange to our body. Most people have a bad habit, whether big or small one. Don’t think that those bad habits are natural. Once you notice it, correct it the soonest possible.

It may be hard to realize but a pair of high-heels will make things easy for you. They will tell you soon what your bad habits are. Even before you know it.