Dream of your shoes

As many women dream of walking with Christian Louboutin, and so are my clients. When my clients start learning how to walk in high-heels, they feel that walking with Christian Louboutin is just like a fairytale, could’t happen in real life. It’s like an impossible dream. But little by little as they continue learning, they could feel that their goal is approaching them. From impossible dream to realizing their dream. That’s why they develop their muscles through daily high-heels exercise. As they believe that they can make it, the harder they work. They can start controlling their body even though they are in their high-heels. Their dream is coming! And as they continue loving their high-heels, they also learn how to respect them. They don’t just say it, but expressed by walking the way how one should walk in high-heels elegantly. One of my clients told me “Before, I couldn’t imagine that I will be walking with Christian Louboutin high-heels but now I can do it! ” “I achieved my goal, thanks to my ricg effort”. I can totally agree with her words, it is true.  All women can walk with high-heels like Christian Louboutin, only if they give their best effort. What is the difference between “we can walk” and “we can’t walk”.

It is simple. The only answer is effort. All dream may be possible, if we give our best shot. It’s impossible to accomplish what we dream of if we don’t even lift a finger. We need to exert “Effort” and of course “Practice”. These two come must come together. Don’t foret to take your consciousness with your effort. Your dream of walking in Christian Louboutin will not be just a dream, it will become a reality. With your effort and consciousness,”you” in Christian Louboutin will become other women’s dream.