Toned muscles

There is a strong connection among our knees, hips and abdominal muscles. If you are a woman, you would definitely desire having a beautiful silhouette. Of course, walking in high-heels will make your wish come true. Your desire will be achieved by properly walking on high-heels. My client was walking with me during our lesson yesterday. We focused on how we must push our knee when we just stand one leg, either left or right. I made her feel the strength of her muscles, to know is limit and to awaken her sleeping muscles. As we strongly push our knee. Our hip will be stiffen. It means that there is a connection between our knee and hips. We have to push our knee until we can fell the pain inside our thigh. It only means that we are pushing our knee to its limit. If you achieve walking in high-heels with your knee muscles exerted to its maximum limit, you won’t definitely lose your hip muscles. You have attained that gorgeous and elegant walk, but you will also get those ideal hips you’ve been dreaming of.

I am not attracted to those with skinny body. I don’t care how slim they are. What I care about is the silhouette with toned muscles. That looks much better and healthier. High-heels can help you a lot in improving your body, not just walking but your whole body, as well. What else can I say? It is indeed essential to our life.