Our Angel

It is true that children follow their parents. They could inherit how their parents spend their life and how their parents define beauty. They develop and hone their character from their childhood. I have a funny and cute story. My client has a daughter who is around four. She understands that her mother takes high-heels lesson through skype and she started loving high-heels just like her mother. My client bough a black Christian Louboutin high-heels few months ago. After that, she tries to walk with them  everytime and she could always practice. Her daughter then understood how important those shoes are to her mother. She realized how magnificent those shoes are, thanks to its red sole. Her daughter at such a young age can already analyze femininity. She always secretly aims at the red sole and when her mother found out, she turned pale completely. She also knows my work and she even told me that she will buy Louboutin shoes in the near future. What a lovely young girl! My son is also interested in high-heels even though he is a boy. He understood the essence of high-heels and he pays respect to them. Of course, he could also understand what Christian Louboutin high-heels are. He also likes red, the red sole.