Gym vs High-heels

To achieve ideal body, I used to go to sports gym a lot for ten years. From early to late 20’s. Back then, I had exercised everyday and constantly run every morning. I also participated in Honolulu marathon four times. I was totally a gym buff at the time.

I practiced sports hardly to keep my body in shape. Despite my effort, I still couldn’t achieve my ideal body. I just become skinny without my legs transformation. I worked out so much but the result was disappointing. I used to have a complex with my big thighs. But no amount of work ou changed it.

Until I met high-heels… I always walk in 15cm high-heels, as part of my job before. Actually, I walked as a model before, but soon after the ramp, I would change my high-heels into flats. Yes, I did it before. Sounds strange, right?

While I was waling as a model, I would only wear high-heels for work. But now, regardless of what I am doing, I have my high-heels with me. How can we walk in high-heels correctly and elegantly? When I quit modeling, I also stopped hitting the gym as I had to move to Paris.

As soon as I landed in Paris, I told myself to replace all my flats with high-heels. Then, as a result. I finally achieved my ideal body. I don’t go to sports gym, I don’t run every morning. I just wear my high-heels. But the result was so shocking. I exerted much effort before, not knowing that my high-heels are the only answer to what I’ve been dreaming of.

High-heels gave me my ideal body. But as I always say, it’s not just the high-heels but how you walk with them is very important. You need to use proper muscles to achieve what I have achieved.