New Year

I went to Cobéa with my family last night to celebrate my husband’s birthday. Cobéa is very special to us so even though it’s not so accessible, we still want to celebrate special occasion there. Hopefully, I can publish next year. If it happens, we will surely celebrate it at Cobéa as well. There were many changes this year, I moved house, changed my lessons. I was able to level up this year.  Also, I worked or shall I say we worked so hard for my book. It took us a long time to translate this book. Finally, it was over. So, I was also able to accomplish a part of my book. We’re hoping that we can publish my book next year and I would like to have English version. My dream is to let all women read my book, regardless of the race. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank those who read my blogs.

I appreciate your support and your eagerness to learn more about high-heels. And I hope that you continue supporting my next year as well. I want to wish everyone a Happy and prosperous New Year!  We made it this year and I hope we will have a better year next year. May we all have the success, happiness and joyous 2016!