Foot don’t lie

Interior of Hungarian opera in Budapest

Your legs can tell the truth, they can’t lie. Your legs silhouette are beautiful as you walk in high-heels correctly. Because if you can control using only your inner leg muscles, you could develop just the inside of your legs.  You won’t have a silhouette similar to that of a rugby ball.


See, it will tell you the truth. On the other hand, you can also check your foot sole. You would realize how you put on your weight on your foot, when you walk. The sole can also show how you step and how you stand. Because our sole will be stiffen as we press our foot.


You are walking correctly, if you have harder skin on your big toe mound. Of course, I also have two big hardened toe mounds, left and right foot. Before, my client told me that she took care of her heels everyday. Because she always put on her weight on her heels.


She landed her foot, heel first. Her skin have transformed and roughen just around her heels. So, she needed to take care of them. They didn’t look good at all. The heels got hard and even cracked due to much pressure.  After taking my lesson, she doesn’t need to take care of her heels. The skin got softer and smoother.


Our body is very interesting, as I have mentioned in my previous blog, our legs tell the truth. But our sole can also tell us the truth.  We may know it but our body knows it more than us. Our body won’t lie to us. They are always honest.


So, if we want to check how we are doing and how we are walking, just stand in front of the mirror and look at yourself from your legs down to your toe.