Dr. High-heels

One of my clients has a problem about dislocation of the hip joint. She started taking my lesson since last month. She had been suffering from this problem from her childhood.  She already underwent an operation before.  It was difficult to walk as her condition worsens.

But she likes high-heels. Of course, all women dream of wearing high-heels. Wearing high-heels is like a fairly tale dream for most women. She read my blog and it had changed her mind. My blog affected her so much. I always say that high-heels is like a doctor. She believed in my philosophy and tried my lesson.

She trusted every word and advise I said on my blog. When she first took my lesson, I realized what was her problem when she walked. She must change her ways of walking. I told her that if she change her habit, she can also change her body. Unfortunately, one bad habit resulted to another bad habits. Her bad habits have multiplied over the years.

Those bad habits caused her problem. After our first lesson, she made efforts to change her body. Especially, she understood how we can control our body. It is not perfect yet, but I am sure that she can turn her bad habits into good habits as time pass by. Bad habits have accumulated over the years, so she needs more time to completely change them.

And a pair of high-heels can tell her if walks correctly or not.  Her high-heels work as her doctor, too.This story is very inspiring. She never gave up. Despite of her condition, she never stopped dreaming. We shouldn’t give up easily. We should make efforts to achieve what we are hoping for.

Just like my client, her passion and eagerness made her dreams possible, of course with the help of her high-heels.