Moving on to the next step

I have mentioned in my blog before that I was preparing for my book publication in French. The title of my book is “Philosophy of high-heels”. Finally, I finished the translation from Japanese to French with the help of my translator last week. It took us only one year to translate my book. I am so lucky because I found a great translator. He worked very well and he has much passion for the success of my book. He didn’t just translate the book but he also hope for its success. We had worked on it little by little, step by step, bit by bit, detail by detail…we gave all our best. We were very meticulous in interpreting the book. After finishing the translation of my book, we read it again as same as the first time for further proof reading.  We checked all chapters one by one. We were never satisfied until we made all the editing again. We never rushed and hurried. We want to take our time to perfect my masterpiece. It is my art.

My philosophy will reflect in this book so we want to make it flawless. I am now working on the next step. We need to prepare for the proposal for a publishing company. We have to make a food presentation. Anyway, I feel that I have progressed a lot and still progressing. I am sure that my book will give an impact to all women. That is my motivation. I want women to feel the impact of my book. As for now, we are preparing for the publication. We are hoping for the best. All I can say is that I am so happy with what I have accomplished.